Through our versatility and extensive insulation knowledge, AW-NRG provides quality Commercial Insulation Services.

AW-NRG takes pride in delivering Industry leading Firestopping solutions that cater to a wide range of sectors.

AW-NRG offers heat tracing on certain pipe systems that require maintaining the required temperature for the process fluid within the pipe, freeze protection, and maintaining the fluid viscosity.



AW-NRG Insulation Services, Inc. was founded in May 2010. It is the amalgamation of Aarc-West Mechanical Insulation based in British Columbia since 1994 and NRG Insulation Ltd. that was based in Calgary, Alberta since 2008. The purpose behind the amalgamation was to grow the existing business in Calgary by building on the excellent service that NRG Insulation was providing with the support of Aarc-West Mechanical with respect to resources, product knowledge and standardized systems and procedures.

It also helped us to diversify in order to offer our customers value-added services. This has allowed us to not only expand the services we offer but also to expand our territory so that we are able to service our customers wherever they need us to go. This has been achieved by our commitment to offer the highest level of safety, quality and service to the insulation industry and garnering the trust of our customers to get the job done on time and on budget.


AW-NRG Insulation Services is a full-service, bondable mechanical insulation contractor focusing on all aspects of commercial applications in estimating, installation, and project management. Our estimating department has the ability to accurately interpret the specifications of your mechanical engineer to efficiently provide a precise quote accommodating all project sizes and complexities.

We employ both red seal certified journeypersons as well as indentured apprentices, which allows us to ensure projects are completed with both cost and quality in mind. Our superior installation team can disseminate the information found on the scope of work to ensure the work on your project is completed within expectations and will be in compliance with the varied regulatory bodies. AW-NRG Insulation focuses efforts to support projects located outside metro boundaries as well.

Dedicated manpower support is readily available to accommodate your project-specific locations throughout Canada to meet project goals supporting your project-specific safety, quality, schedule and financial requirements. AW-NRG has fully equipped mobile fabrication equipment allowing prompt mobilization in quick response situations.



AW-NRG is committed to quality and has developed a reputation for excellence in what we do. We utilize some of the most complicated insulation systems available in our industry and, essential to successful outcomes on challenging projects, is our painstaking attention to detail and strict adherence to project specifications and industry best practices. All of our work is completed with the same high quality standards and attention to safety.


At AW-NRG safety is a number one priority. Training, management commitment and employee participation in our safety programs is essential. This is accomplished by employing a dedicated individual to track training, certification and first aid to ensure all requirements are met and up-to-date.


Protection of the environment is very important to AW-NRG and we are proud to have a high level of commitment to the environment and sustainability of natural resources which allows us to be a good neighbour in our community and help preserve the environment for the benefit of future generations


Quality control requires the project manager and the project team to inspect the completed work to ensure that it's aligned with the project scope.


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